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Else has been a blessing for me and my horse. We've ridden with her for a year and a half, and I am thrilled with the progress we've made.

She started us with a solid foundation, and for the first time I really understood the training pyramid. We are now working at a higher level than ever before, and the harmony between me and my horse is a joy. We are both happy in our work, and making steady progress.

Else is very knowledgeable, and in addition to being a beautiful rider, she has very good teaching skills. She somehow always knows how to explain so I will understand. She always seems to come up with just the right exercise to help us "get it."

Else has a bright and positive attitude, and teaches with encouragement and respect (though she never misses a thing!)

Catherine "KC" Aisner
Owner of Hector O'Malley
8 year old Irish Sport Horse


In less than six months, Else Donnell has taken my horse and my riding to the next level.

Before meeting Else I knew I needed a special type of instruction - one that helped me understand my lessons and the ultimate goal; helped me feel my way through my riding and identify what am feeling; and helped me build the technique, strength and artistry necessary to successfully manage and constantly improve Contigo's balance. Else offers this to both horse and rider in a natural, heart-centered, mindful way.

I have often been described as intense, and before training with Else, my intensity always got in my way to becoming a beautiful FEI rider. Watching Else ride my horse for the first time gave me the hope that if she could teach me to develop a seat as soft but electric as she, then my dreams would come true.

Having ridden with Else now for six months, I am reaching new heights with every lesson. Her daily instruction offers "ah-ha's" that I often call "training altering", and because of this I always take the time to write down and study what she has taught me, so I never forget.

Equally important, her impact on Contigo, riding him three days a week, is twice as great as it has been on me. Our progress is noticeable - one month ago, a colleague who has not seen us in six months, went out of her way to compliment us on how much we've improved!

I enjoy working with Else because she has an effective way of explaining how to create, influence and manage both my energy as well as my horse's energy. I've always believed that all things in the universe interact as energy forces, either positive or negative, and I love that I can now look at Dressage from this perspective with her help. I am finally becoming a feeling, thinking rider and I am beginning to effectively rebalance my horse's energy toward greater and greater collection, while creating the spectacular brilliance Ive always wanted in my rides.

Under Else's training, my dressage journey has become a gentle, trusting, inspiring and rewarding experience -- a true partnership I am grateful for.

Allison Brunelli
Owner of Contigo
12 year old Hannoverian




My dressage journey with Else began several years ago when I showed my ‘’forever two year old brained “ Hanoverian, Daulton, in front of Else and then cliniced with her the next day.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to ride with many very talented trainers.  But it took only one class and one clinic ride to realize I had found THE TRAINER I had been searching for. Simply put, Else is the best. Outstanding.


Else’s beautiful spirit, her knowledge and her ability to share that knowledge, her intuitions, and her caring are clearly apparent in her very organized, correct approach to training both horse and rider.


Last year I put my still “forever two year old brained”  Daulton in training with Else. Six months later that pair was wowing the dressage show world with wonderful PSG and I1 tests.


I now have a new challenge, a lovely Holsteiner, Luzon. I am looking forward to taking his very raw talent and with Else’s good eye and thoughtful planning, developing him to his potential.  My only regret; she is 500 miles away. So, she comes as her schedule permits and we have to pack a lot into a weekend.  She always leaves behind clear homework based on sound principles.


Becky Oram

Las Vegas

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